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I have spent all my adult life in the corporate world, in one way or another, at one time working for a law firm in Lexington, KY (my husband and I lived there) fighting for Black Lung compensation for coal miners at the time of the infamous strikes during the late 60’s and early 70’s of the 20th Century. I was grateful to be involved in that, even in a small way!

I marched in Milwaukee (born and raised) for Martin Luther King with Father Groppi.

When teachers from my Commercial Arts program went on strike so they could form a teachers’ union, I joined the march.

I applauded the Viet Nam veterans’ marches in Boston (my husband and I lived there) while working as the Administrative Assistant for the Director of Surgery at a Boston hospital.

Later on, in MN, with young children, I volunteered in the Hennepin County school system high schools in the career guidance department. I did volunteer work in a nursing home and gave my time to Volunteers In America. (They provided baby-sitting, which was very nice.)

If so many things had not been corrected in society and changed at the very root of our culture, if circumstances were the same now as they were forty years ago, I would do it again! It’s all about fairness and common sense and common decency.

But . . . . . .

I found that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Common sense flew out the window and honor and decency within these groups did not exist among their leaders. I judged others by my strong values not realizing, what would eventually come to light, their complete lack of values and, I dare say, honor.

“It depends on what the meaning of is, is.”

We have all since learned that the only honor that exists in these groups is the “honor among thieves.”

During the 1970’s and 1980’s too many people harangued us poor working folks; they told us how we were to think, live and love always harrumphing, scolding, mocking. While not knowing me at all, they told me how I should live my life, raise my children. What nerve! Run here, do this. Hurry, hurry, now run over here and do that! If I didn’t, they’d insist that I just wasn’t very bright. Oh, yeah? Are they kidding? Some self-aggrandized, queen bee telling me what to think?! Self-appointed champions for the rights of all citizens in this country calling me a bigot without knowing the neighborhood I grew up in, my friends, and how my parents raised me?

And, it’s gotten much worse.

I’m INSULTED! I’m ANGRY! I’m OUTRAGED! Not the faked outrage of a union leader that seeks to retain his power. Not the phony outrage of those civil rights leaders that hope to remain relevant and in so doing destroying a whole generation of people in this country.

I must stand! I must and stand up and hold against the onslaught of the tyranny of the new King George, III that is more destructive to this country than the first King George, III could have ever hoped for.

Speaking TRUTH to those who have ill-gotten and illegally attained POWER.


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