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  • 00:14 – 01:18              New District and the cities within that district
  • 01:19 – 01:50              The people of the district
  • 01:51 – 03:06              Employment issues
  • 03:07 – 05:01              Solutions to the lack of jobs
  • 05:02 – 07:45              Effect of Governor Walker’s election on the jobs climate in WI
  • 08:05 – 09:29              Sandy’s career
  • 09:30 – 11:06              ACA (Obamacare) opinion




So do you REALLY THINK Police Chief Flynn (Milwaukee) will investigate the death threats against Gov. Walker? The man who lied to the Feds about the rise in violent crime in Milwaukee? AND, what about the Journal/Sentinel and WI State Journal that excused or ignored the threats from last year? If anything happens, they, in large part, will be responsible.  Go to Twitchy (R-rated) if you dare.


Stonewalling? Um, Hardly. By Charlie Sykes

For the rest of the story that was somehow left out of the JS story, see below. I found it interesting that Dan Bice and his editors would have used the most loaded possible term — “stonewalled” — in an article four days before the election. The word, however, appears nowhere in the documents and was used by no one in the DA’s office. It was the newspaper’s own editorial interpretation. Instead of reporting the story straight, they provided Tom Barrett with a talking point. Bias much? So what’s the story? Walker’s campaign provided this response to Bice before he wrote about alleged “stonewalling.” Mr. Chisholm stated at the announcement of the charges that his office launched the John Doe investigation in May 2010 after being request by the Milwaukee County Executive’s office.

The County Executive’s office was unable to provide documentation because all documents pertaining to the financial discrepancies were in possession of Kevin Kavanaugh while he was treasurer of the Military Order of the Purple Heart. Multiple requests were made by the County Executive’s staff for documentation from Mr. Kavanaugh, as reported by the media, without success thus the County Executive’s office requested the district attorney to investigate.

“Governor Walker had his Chief of Staff request the Milwaukee County District Attorney investigate financial discrepancies that his staff discovered with a veterans organization running an annual event. Multiple follow ups were made by the chief of staff to the district attorney’s office to offer assistance in that investigation and any statement to the contrary is not correct.”

Additionally, the documents sited by Mr. Bice do not claim County Executive Scott Walker’s office was “stonewalling” attempts to collect information but the office was either “unwilling or unable” to provide said information. As made clear with the above information, the county executives office was “unable” to provide the information requested, not “stonewalling” Mayor Barrett alleges.


Check it out!!!  Another plan that’s working.  Whoo-hoo!

1 Texas 1 0
2 Florida 3 1
3 North Carolina 2 -1
4 Tennessee 4 0
5 Indiana 6 1
6 Virginia 7 1
7 South Carolina 8 1
8 Georgia 5 -3
9 Utah 9 0
10 Arizona 13 3
11 Colorado 12 1
12 Nevada 10 -2
13 Louisiana 27 14
14 Delaware 16 2
15 North Dakota 21 6
16 Wyoming 14 -2
17 Oklahoma 11 -6
18 Idaho 19 1
19 South Dakota 15 -4
20 Wisconsin 24 4
21 Alabama 26 5
22 Iowa 22 0
23 Kansas 25 2
24 Missouri 23 -1
25 Kentucky 17 -8
26 New Hampshire 18 -8
27 Nebraska 20 -7
28 Montana 28 0
29 Arkansas 30 1
30 Mississippi 38 8
31 Alaska 31 0
32 Maine 36 4
33 New Mexico 32 -1
34 West Virginia 42 8
35 Ohio 41 6
36 Minnesota 29 -7
37 Washington 34 -3
38 Vermont 40 2
39 Rhode Island 35 -4
40 Maryland 37 -3
41 Hawaii 43 2
42 Oregon 33 -9
43 Pennsylvania 39 -4
44 Connecticut 44 0
45 New Jersey 47 2
46 Michigan 46 0
47 Massachusetts 45 -2
48 Illinois 48 0
49 New York 49 0
50 California 50 0



“Anarchy 101: How Wisconsin’s Left Embraces Chaos” – An exposé

By Kyle Olson

MADISON, Wis. – The demonstrations and chaos that followed Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s introduction of budget reforms – later known as Act 10 – were a preview of what was to come from the orchestrated Occupy Wall Streetprotests. The protests in Madison had it all, except for Occupy’s numerous rapes, of course. has produced an exclusive video report disclosing who and what were behind the massive demonstrations, the occupation of the Capitol in Madison, and extreme tactics employed to stop Walker’s reforms from being enacted.

Titled “Anarchy 101: How Wisconsin’s Left Embraces Chaos,” the report takes us through the protests, legal challenges and  subsequent recall efforts of 2011 and 2012.  It features Brett Healy and Brian Fraley of the MacIver Institute, Collin Roth of Media Trackers, an unidentified citizen journalist on the ground for many of the protests, and State Sen. Alberta Darling, a target of death threats, intimidation tactics, and a failed recall attempt last year.

It also features two teachers, including Kenosha’s Kristi Lacroix, and a school board member who would not be silenced by the radicals’ intimidation tactics and spoke to EAGnews about the benefits of Scott Walker’s reforms.

The report reveals that far-left activists with the Liberty Tree Foundation began plotting their anti-Walker strategy in December 2010 – a month before he was even sworn in, and well before budget reforms were even announced.  It shows how the goal was much broader than simply protecting “worker rights” in the state. The idea for many radicals was to make Wisconsin part of a broader global struggle against capitalism.

It video also reveals how the “mainstream” labor unions never denounced the death threats, intimidating tactics, or the destruction of public property. It reveals how the unions (WEAC in particular) encouraged teachers to abandon students and bolt from their classrooms.

MacIver’s Healy told us it cost Madison Metropolitan School District $900,000 a day in pay for employees who refused to show up for work.

“Anarchy 101” documents the very radical elements of the protest and the loose coalition that sought to subvert legislative action.  But we must wonder: Why wouldn’t such “mainstream” labor organizations, like WEAC, refuse to condemn such dangerous and destructive tactics?

“The radicals bring the heat and you need the heat to keep the passions enflamed for this long. They had to keep this going for over a year in order to accomplish the recalls, so they’ll take any ally that they can use and tap into that energy,” Fraley told

The anti-Walker campaign has involved legislators fleeing the state, death threats, intimidation, destruction of property and utter contempt for any whiff of civility.  It represented a new paradigm in political discourse: “The ends justify the means.”

It was a glimpse into the Occupy Wall Street protests which would occur 8 months later.  But it begs the question: Will citizens reward this behavior by giving them Walker’s scalp?


Senator Rick Santorum, Candidate for Republican President of the United States, speaks to Sandra McFadden of

Senator Rick Santorum gives us details of the challenges faced by his Italian immigrant grandfather and father; how they were met, the lessons learned, the example it gave him as a first generation American. It is truly the quintessential “American Dream.” It is also a metaphor for his bid for the Presidency and his role in public life. Fascinating discussion.


Don Imhoff is the incumbent Dane County Supervisor. Make sure he stays on the Board. We need his common sense.


Mike Willett is the incumbent on the Dane County Board. He serves the needs of Verona and not the dictates of Madison. VOTE! April 3rd!


Rick Raulin is a candidate for the Dane County Board, District 12. Hear why you MUST get out and VOTE!



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