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Senator Rick Santorum, Candidate for Republican President of the United States, speaks to Sandra McFadden of

Senator Rick Santorum gives us details of the challenges faced by his Italian immigrant grandfather and father; how they were met, the lessons learned, the example it gave him as a first generation American. It is truly the quintessential “American Dream.” It is also a metaphor for his bid for the Presidency and his role in public life. Fascinating discussion.


Judge Allen is the incumbent and is a reasoned man. He brings experience, both on the court and as a Prosecutor to this seat.
Have a listen.



Meet Trish Schaefer, who is running for the District 46 Assembly seat.  Trish is a successful businesswoman and a strong candidate.  In the last election Gary Hebl ran unopposed.  Trish thinks it’s about time that someone should stand up and fight for the small businesses and hard working families in her district and throughout our state.  This film is 14:19 minutes.

00:37 – 01:03 Trish describes the configuration of District 46
01:06 – 01:45 Description of an Assembly person’s job
01:47 – 02:16 The conditions in District 46
02:17 – 03:16 Ideas to increase the number of jobs in the District
03:18 – 04:11 Governor’s program and impact on the District
04:13 – 04:59 Number one goal
05:13 – 08:46 Reasons to run for the Assembly & fuzzy accounting
08:49 – 10:32 An epiphany; a wake up call and the motivation
10:45 – 12:50 Trish’s campaign
12:50 – 14:04 Who is Trish Schaefer?

Don’t forget!!  Election day is Tuesday, April 3, 2012.  

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