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US Senator Ron Johnson-WI tells Sandra McFadden of “Who’s Right?!” what has been going on recently in the US Senate. Thank you Senator Johnson for doing the hard work that needs to be done. This took place in January, 2012.

  • Senate Appointment process explanation and remarks  00:37- 03:11
  • Regulation mandates on business  03:11- 04:45
  • Pentagon budget cuts  04:46- 10:07
  • The why’s and how’s of the strategy with Paul Ryan  10:08- 18:00
  • Consequences of a 2nd Obama term  18:10- 20:47
  • Discussing the importance of Wisconsin to the Nation  21:45- 22:37

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson speaks to Who’s Right?!, at the 2011 Wisconsin State Republican Convention.


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