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Senator Glenn Grothman said that Same Day Registration does more mischief regarding fraud than the lack of Voter ID.  A car caravan full of, well, liars, can come in from another state, give a residence and have a false document stating where he/she lives, vote and leave for home all within an hour.  (Personally, I would hope to make a side trip to Gurney for a little shopping and lunch.)  But, by the time the election is said and done, it’s too late or difficult to track all the fraudulent votes.  Hmmmmm

I know of a defeated politician in Milwaukee that this happened to and he lost.  After doing his own research, found that he lost by fraud.  It takes more time than the law allows to follow up on suspected false addresses like a ‘vacant lot.”  The process starts with a confirmation postcard sent to the address so you can verify an address and resident or one has to physically go to the door to verify residency.  You can see the problem.  So, this Milwaukee politician ran again and won his seat back because he was now aware of the problem and his supporters got ahead of the game.

I think the total for early voting (you know, the ones that voted on Memorial Day?  Yeah, they were open) is past 90,000.  I’m all for high voter turnout, but, really?



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