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“Hi Charlie – Just wanted to share this photo with you of some of the West Bend High School students that stand with Walker! One of the students had these t-shirts made up – they say Stand with Walker. The student sold all of the t-shirts and is having more made. This pic is on facebook with many comments about students not knowing well enough to wear these shirts. My son is 15 and a sophomore at West Bend West High School and he had both Economics and US Government and Law last semester. He watches the news every morning before school. He is well informed and can make decisions that will affect his future!
Thanks Charlie!

For anyone that thinks these kids shouldn’t be wearing these shirts, realize this: a bunch of WI teachers skipped out of work at the last second last year so they could attend the anti-Walker rallies in Madison, saying their action was an excellent example to the students of how a democracy works. Their skipping work resulted in a lot of schools being shut down in their absence. Seems to me these students showing support for Walker is a way better example of how a democracy works. And as an added bonus, these kids are showing their support while tending to their obligations of school (unlike the teachers that skipped out on their jobs last year).
Pass this around, folks. These kids standing up at their school where they will face their public union teachers day in and out is quite the statement. And to all you folks that are afraid to publicly stand up to the lefties, look at this picture and take it as a lesson. Don’t be afraid to stand up to the lefties and their agenda.


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